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Swift Slides is a simple Joomla content plugin to render an accordion of slides. You can set the parameters of the slides in the plugin parameters. Then you only need to enter a simple code in an article to render the slides.

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"The staff at Pixel Point Creative are both professional and courteous in helping get their Joomla! templates up and running. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to you!"

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Simple Spotlight Module Review
"Superb, easy to install, simple to configure and is clearly miles better than any commcercial image rotator out there. Dont waste your money on second best when you can have the champion of slide shows."
~scousejohno - Joomla Extensions Directory
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"I've seen this module on lots of sites, but too few people take the time to give credit for it. This module is indeed what the name says: it gives a slick, really professional look to your website, unlike the default module. I also use their VirtueMart Quick Summary and got great support when I needed it."

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VirtueMart Quick Summary Review
"Downloaded, followed instructions, installed and a few minutes later I had a perfect summary cart showing and looking great. Much better than the virtuemart standard cart, nice, simple and clean. Thanks for the extension! "

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Anything Tabs Review
"This extension is really great. I use it my two websites, it was really easy and fast to install and customize. I had small issue with my template and pop-up windows, it was handle by support in no time."


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Magma Menu Review
"A clever and cool animated menu system. The support crew came back timely with excellent help on a customizing issue I had; it was easy to modify via css - happy with this one!"


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Tech Support Review
"Just did my first Joomla extension and it worked first time ! Had a very minor problem due to the 3rd party web template that I was using. Pixel Points tech support was able to provide me with the solution within a few hours. Was given the name of the style sheet file to change, line number AND the code that I had to add in. Did the change and it worked first time. I give you 10/10. Brilliant tech support. Well done, I'm impressed. Will be using your service again."
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Simple Spotlight Review
"Had no trouble installing and configuring this extension. Works really well. I've been looking for several days and this one is just what I was looking for! "

~Mike B - Joomla Extensions Directory
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Anything Tabs Review

"This works VERY WELL. It is extremely simple and easy to understand. Out of the box this will likely meet your needs. It has at least a half dozen options for appearance."

~Geno Peppino - Joomla Extensions Directory
The Word
Simple Spotlight Module Review
"Module looks great, installs without problem and has all the features you could want in a rotating banner. Fantastic module. Flawless operation. Amazing support - there is nothing else you could want. I would highly recommend it! "
~Susan Feinberg - Joomla Extensions Directory

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