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Support means a great deal to us at Pixel Point Creative because we know that it matters to YOU! We believe in high quality, accurate, and timely support. With that, we want you to understand that we no longer offer phone support. As our business evolves, we must change with it to make sure we offer top notch support. This means, in order to serve our members and clients accurately and effectively we needed to streamline our support process. We have always answered your support tickets in a timely and accurate manner and will continue to do so. We will continue to build our FAQ library and monitor our forums regularly. Our forum is active and we frequently monitor it to make sure your questions are answered. Please review the support grid below to see what level of support your purchase entitles you to.

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    Before you submit a support ticket, we encourage you to search the forum and read the faqs first. Posting on the forum will also benefit others as answers are visibile to everyone. All visitors are free to view and read messages in the forums, but you can only post and subscribe to threads if you register. To register, click here
    FAQS are exactly that, frequently asked questions, but better yet, we include the answers! Before you submit a support ticket, we encourage you to search the forum and read these faqs first. The faqs cover a wide variety of topics including, Templates, Joomla, Billing and more. Of course, if your question is not answered by using the forum or faqs, please submit a support ticket.

    Submit a Ticket!

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    Support tickets minimize spam and help manage and organize requests. Using a ticketing system will also assist you by tracking our conversations and giving you the ability to reference past discussions easily. You can also attach documents to your support tickets. For these reasons, we strongly encourage you to submit a ticket after you have looked at the forum and FAQs. Registration is not required to submit tickets, but encouraged as it will allow you to track your requests. To register, click here.
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