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This tutorial shows you how to set up the main menu correctly in your Warp based template.

Create the menu

After installation of the template click onMenus » Menu Manager Menu » Add New Menuin the administration menu on top. Give it a name and click onSave & Close. For more detailed instructions on how to create a menu see theJoomla documentation.

You can now assign menu items to the menu. Click onMenus » YOUR MENU » Add New Menu Item. For additional instructions on how to create a menu item take a look at theJoomla documentation.

Assign the menu as Main Navigation

setup menu joomlaBefore the menu works properly in your template, you have to assign it to amenumodule published on themenumodule position. To achieve this, click onExtensions » Module Manager » New. ChooseMenu. Next publish the module on themenuposition of the template.

Menu Styles

Basically there are two menu stylesMega Drop DownandAccordion. The menu will choose its style automatically depending on what position it is published on. The template'smenuposition will give you the horizontalMega Drop Downstyle, while thesidebarpositions will render the menu using theAccordionstyle.

Menu columns

setup menu columns joomlaThe number of columns and the width of columns of a menu item's drop down menu can be set via itsPage Class Suffix. To do that edit the menu item for which you would like to change the amount of columns. On the right hand side, click onPage Display Optionsbutton. Set thePage Class Suffixentry to the number of columns you would like to be displayed, i.e."columns-2". The same goes for the columns' width: Set the width you would like it to have, i.e."columnwidth-200". This will set the width of this menu item to 200 px, ignoring the column width, which is set in the template parameters for all drop down columns.

setup menu iconsUsing icons in menu items

If you'd like to display icons for drop down menu items, just navigate to the desired level 2 menu item of your Main MenuMenus » Main Menu. On the right hand side you will find a list of parameter categories, i.e.Page Display Options,Link Type Options. Depending on the Menu Item Type there will be a parameterLink Imagein one of these parameter categories. I.e. if your Menu Item Type is anExternal Link, you will find the Link Image parameter inLink Type Options.

setup menu icons joomla

Here you can select an image in your Joomla installation directory.

setup menu subtitles joomlaAdd subtitles to menu items

A subtitle can be added to a menu item by simply placing your subtitle text behind two "|" (pipe) characters. Navigate toMenus » Menu Manager. Then create a new menu item or edit an old one. Place two "|" (pipe) characters behind the titles caption and enter a text for the subtitle.


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