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Endorsement is a Joomla 4 and Joomla 5 module made specifically for testimonials. It uses the title, intro text and main text to display a nice, responsive testimonial slider with an integrated pop up to show all the testimonials at once.

Joomla 4 and Joomla 5 ready!


Endorsement Joomla 5 module offer a convenient way to showcase and manage customer testimonials on your Joomla-based website. Endorsement Joomla extension offers customization options, allowing you to control the display style, categories, and other designs of testimonials to match your website's aesthetics and branding. Specially, Endorsement now is compatible with latest Joomla 5 ensuring compatibility with the Joomla framework and easy integration into your website. It is designed to be responsive, providing a seamless viewing experience across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

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